What a Summer

Well as many of you may see it has been a crazy summer and there aren’t a lot of post. So lets see if I can bring you up to speed with us.

Even though it may sound like we did a lot we really didn’t. A lot of our summer was getting ready for the fair and for baby #4 to make his or her appearance. This summer was really hard for me because even though I wanted to be out helping Ella getting her animals ready for fair day my body just wasn’t having it. Ella got the brunt of my frustration since I couldn’t help her I then would yell and probably made her feel bad a time or two.

She got 1st place with both of her sheep, and 1st place Showmanship in her age group. Her sheep didn’t make weight, so she didn’t get to sell them in the auction, which I was a little upset about because that is the best part about showing is being able to sell your animal. Ella however was ok with it. She asked me if she could only show sheep next year and i told her to wait and see how her dairy animals did before she decided.


he got 1st place with all of her dairy animals as well bring home Reserved Jr. Champion with her Registered Aryshire Fall Calf. Also, placing 3rd in Showmanship in her age group. She then decided that she kind of enjoyed it and she would show dairy again next year.

She was happy to be done showing by Saturday night though, and was ready to ride some rides and play some games.

This momma was happy that the fair was done and all the showing had been taken care of and I could relax in the air conditioned hotel room that we rented. The boys were happy to finally be able to swim and not have to go back to the fair again.

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