4 year ago…

It is crazy to think that Liam is now 4. I remember him being just a little doll in my hands. Also, bringing his home from the hospital and everyone absolutely in love with him.

Liam is my crazy child, and is all over the place. He loves to talk and sometimes it is so fast that you have no idea what he is saying. Most of the time he does get his point across. He loves to be outside, and in the mud. However I will say that he is the easiest to get in to the shower. He doesn’t like to be dirty which is a nice change from his older siblings.

Liam started Pre-K in September, and there are definitely days that he would rather stay home instead of going. He enjoys playing with his friends but having to sit and learn isn’t a big highlight of school. Luckily for him he only goes Monday through Thursday so he looks forward to having Friday to himself and hanging out with his Grandma most the time.

We celebrated Liam’s birthday this year with a huge party. Mostly made up of family and really close friends. His party was combined with Noah’s baptism, and Mark’s 6th birthday.

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