Where did 6 years go?

It is crazy that 6 years ago I was writing to inform the world that I had a new baby boy. Things are definitely changed in the last 6 years, but I would change them for anything. Mark is a miracle and I don’t know what I would do without him.

Mark is so smart, and independent. He is not one to let someone else do things for him. I have caught him may times climbing my cabinets and using his arms to climb up things. You can not tell him no otherwise he will do whatever he can to prove you wrong.

Mark started Kindergarten in the fall, and it has been an adjustment for him having to go all 5 days to school. He is very smart and is enjoying reading my stories now that knows how to read a few words.

Mark is loving his new brother and I think really enjoys that there is someone in the house that is smaller then him again.

We take each day one at a time. Now that Mark goes to school all day everyday his legs and joints have had to get used to moving more and doing more activities. I was told by Mark’s gym teacher that you can’t tell him no or tell him that maybe he can take a break, because he will prove to you that he can keep up to his peers, and he is just as fast if not faster then some.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

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