The end of an Era….

My husband and I have milked cows together for almost 12 years now. Bruce grew up on the farm we live on and took over from his parents when he was 18 years old. Due to his mother’s condition and their hospital bills my husband bought the farm from his parents to help out with hospital bills. It was always his plan to take over the farm just not so early.

Anyway, Bruce, myself, and Bruce Sr. (my father in law) have worked along side each other for the past 12 years. Bruce and I started dating, got married, and brought 4 kids into the world on this farm. We have had many ups and downs, alot of blood sweat and tears have gone into this place.

On April 16th it took my husband and I an hour and a half to load up our 55 cows, 13 dry cows and 18 springing heifers into 7 trailers and said good bye. We said good bye to the only life Bruce and I have ever known. We have both grown up on farms and it was always Bruce’s dream to have farm to pass on to his children.

We decided as a family that milking cows just wasn’t fun anymore. Was it the poor milk.prices for the past 4 years? Was it this past winter? Is it the current economy?

It may not of been just one thing but either way this decision was the best for us. As we milked the cows for the last few times milking took a little long. We didn’t want to say goodbye to these calves now cows that I bottle fed, and talked to for hours. We loved all of these animals like they were our kids. Every single one has her own story that only we know, and to give them away was probably the hardest thing we ever had to do.

We now turn the page to our next chapter. I got a new job working full time at a school. Bruce’s next step is kind of unknown. As a man who has never worked off a farm the job application process is very intimidating. He doesn’t have tons of work history to fill out, or tons of references. Who would want a farmer? He has been second guessing himself and quite frankly terrified of what comes next.

We will get through it, but the unknown is scary. We have farming in our veins and although I feel we are the last of a dying breed it won’t stop what we stand for. People who are working their ass to give their children the world. We hope to instill in our children the farming lifestyle, and an even better work ethic.

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